Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy : does not collect any personal information about its users. Only what a user enters when setting up a forum account. We do not distribute this information or use it in any way. All views expressed in this page are matter of opinion and are usually not to be at all taken seriously. This site is meant for entertainment, not education. We do not control what type of content is on the sites we link to.


We may have some advertisments on some pages. We do not control what these links point to or what is on the pages. We do not control any aspect of the advertisments.


Linked web sites
We provide links to third party sites. Since we do not control these Web sites, we encourage you to review the privacy policies posted on these (and all) third party sites.


Children's privacy
We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13. If we learn that we have personal information on a child under the age of 13, we will delete that information from our systems.


Teach kids never to give personal information, unless supervised by a parent or responsible adult. Includes name, address, phone, school, etc.
Know the sites your kids are visiting and which sites are appropriate.
Look for Web site privacy policies. Know how your child's information is treated.
Check out the FTC's site (1) for more tips on protecting children's privacy online.


We may display advertisements from third parties. Third party ad-serving companies control which ads are shown. These ad-serving companies may use cookies to collect non-person



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